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Coaching with Trish

My Coach Approach:

Trish Roberts has a unique coaching style.  Having worked as a therapist for 18 years, she has a deep understanding of all types of people. Although therapy is not part of her coaching, her experiences greatly informs her coaching style, both ethically and interpersonally.  Trish coaches from a “Mind-Body-Spirit” perspective, understanding that in order to attain results, each person must be coached holistically and uniquely.  Each person’s vision is explored and then, working with that client, Trish helps strategize about how to achieve their desired results, often aiding them in achieving even more than they had hoped for!

Trish also works with an eight point blueprint, which she designed, in order to help structure the process.  This way clients have an understanding of different elements which will empower them in achieving AND maintaining their desired results, and developing a deeper, more self-loving understanding of themselves.

Coaching Packages:

30 Day Accountability Package

Here is what you will receive:

  • Two 30 minute one on one phone calls each week for four weeks
  • Unlimited email availability for those four weeks.
  • Email availability through those four weeks

Skype Immersion Package

Here is what you will receive:

  • Three (3) hours of one on one coaching skype call which includes one 15 minute break.
  • Clarification of the obstacle(s), roadblock(s), holding you back from your desire(s).
  • Goal setting for achieving your desire(s).
  • Mindset work to help strategeize and formulate your breakthrough.
  • This is a Jumpstart session to ramp up your weight loss journey

6 Month Coaching Package

Here is what you will receive:

  • Twenty four (24) One-On-One 50 minute sessions with Trish.
  • Establishing Your Vision for Yourself.
  • Goal Setting and Strategizing for Achieving Your Results!
  • Tips for alternative options rather than eating when You Don’t Want to!
  • Email access in between coaching sessions, between us,

12 Month Coaching Package 

Here is what you will receive:

  • One 1-1/2 hour skype call to decide your plan of action
  • One 60 minute phone call each week for 48 weeks
  • Two Free Months of One to One Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited email support during those 48 weeks
  • My Love Yourself Thin Blueprint
  • And many more resources


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