About Trish


Patricia Preston-Roberts, a.k.a. Trish Roberts, began singing at age 12 in churches, then at weddings and funerals. She went on to perform in everything she auditioned for in Michigan, including different types of bands, operettas and musicals. In her professional career as a performer, primarily a singer, but also as an actor and dancer.she performed (and sometimes still does) for approximately fifteen years all over the United States, including NYC. Eventually she learned about music therapy and decided to pursue this career path, as well as that of a psychotherapist. After a number of years working at different jobs, she began a successful 18 year private practice both in Manhattan and New Jersey. She has presented at numerous conferences both nationally and internationally.

Trish was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis over fifteen years ago, but she continues to be active, physical and creative. At the time she was diagnosed, Trish proceeded to lose 105 pounds and has kept that weight off, mainly because of her changes in lifestyle. Trish now is coaching women as a success and weight loss coach, helping women with any type of physical challenges, ranging from chronic illness to obesity. who wish to release excess weight, get healthy, fit and feel SEXY! Her unique gifts allow her to approach coaching her clients from a mind-body-spirit perspective. Her company is called Trish Roberts Coaching: Where Dreams Come Alive!

Now Trish is making her experiences available to help others drop weight that is no longer serving them. Her desire is to reach and serve as many people as possible in her coaching business.  Trish regularly performs interviews and podcasts on TrishTalkRadio.com . You can visit her there if you are interested in being interviewed! She was also trained as a wedding celebrant and is an ordained non-denominational minister, helping over a hundred couples to create the wedding of their dreams. She has been happily married to Dr. Jonathan Roberts for thirty years.


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